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The team at Ltd Edn Productions has been working in the music video production industry for close to ten years. Our music video team has unrivalled expertise and we love producing music videos.

Our creative production team can produce the best music video for you or your band of any genre. We provide full-service including concept, story-boarding, production and post-production.

Music Videos can play a vital role for any artist’s success. Videos help you reach out to a wider audience and share your talent with the world.

A creatively produced music video can add value to your music giving you an opportunity to reach out. We can also help you create an original and a unique concept - think Gangnam Style, Hotline Bling, Coldplay music videos which could have the potential to succeed and go viral.

An active online presence is essential for an artist and videos play a major role in improving your online standing.  A unique music video can be a game changer for any artist or a band. A single video made on a budget has the capacity to reach out to a world-wide audience.

At Ltd Edn Productions, we produce  high quality music videos on a competitive budget. As one of the most creative and experienced music videos production companies, we work with individual artists, bands and major labels to create remarkable videos.

If you are not sure where to start or wish to discuss your music video production ideas with our experienced team, feel free to

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