Video Editing

In the fast paced world of internet, the viewers' attention span is ever getting shorter. Video Editing is what makes the difference, we at Limited Edition provide cutting-edge video editing services. If you have pictures, footage, video recordings or any media content, we can expertly craft or create a video or a multimedia product for you. Video Editing service does not have to be expensive and we have a team of editors to meet your deadline. We edit videos diligently and provide re-edits at no extra cost.


We charge by the project and this can help you deliver your content without having to re-produce it. Our editors and post production staff are adapt in utilising and improvising with any content. We can even edit pictures to produce an engaging video for you.

We genuinely believe we have best editors in Brisbane and are not afraid to try original and creative concepts to edit. In addition to the editing-only projects below, every other video on out website is edited by our editors.

Our Editing Portfolio

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